Greetings from Colombia! ; August 12, 2014

Dear friends,
I'm happy to tell you that I've been in Cartagena, Colombia for four days now, and it has been great! My outreach team leader is a young woman from Cartagena, who has been in Mozambique since January. Our team has 6 other members: a couple, two guys, and two girls (counting me). The rest of the team all came straight from Pemba, Mozambique where they just finished the Iris Harvest School (the same school I attended last summer). I met the team in Miami and we flew here to Cartagena together.

We have all been bonding very well. God was working in all of us even before we met, making this a team with singleness of heart and mind. My prayers for unity have been answered. It is amazing to see how God put each person on this team with our unique gifts and skills. I'm praising God not just for the new friendships that I'm making, but also because it is clear that He brought us together for a specific purpose here in Colombia.

Since we arrived in Cartagena we have been resting and getting to know the city and the people. We are staying at a YWAM base and it is great to meet other missionaries here. I've had plenty of opportunities to practice my Spanish already. After almost two years of not speaking Spanish, it is coming back to me swiftly, and I am able to communicate with people here! Thanks, God for answering that prayer!

Today my team is flying to Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia (after Bogotá). When I "signed up" for this outreach I never expected that we would be going to another city, but while the team was in Africa they were all getting a clear sense from God that He has ministry for us to do in Medellín. I am honestly so blessed and excited that through my time here I get to see three of the main cities of Colombia. It is beyond my wildest dreams and the Lord coordinated it all for me!

While in Medellín we will be sharing and preaching at a few different church groups, including a YWAM DTS where we will get to share with other missionaries-in-training about our experiences in Mozambique and with Iris. We'll do some ministry with the homeless as well, and we'll also be working with a children's ministry for one full day.

Please pray for our week in Medellín and the churches and people we'll be sharing with. When we get back to Cartagena we will be sharing in more churches and doing more ministry with groups like families that have been displaced from their homes, and children and orphans.

Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. I'm leaning on Jesus in this trip and knowing He is leading me through it all! His love sustains me!

In Christ,
Sarah Cory

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