Colombia Outreach: Cartagena ; August 30, 2014

After my team's trip to Medellín, we returned to Cartagena and worked with several different ministries. We went to a hospital and prayed for the sick, seeing several healings. We did some door-to-door evangelism in poor neighborhoods. We shared in churches and saw the Holy Spirit moving in His people. Among countless salvations, healings, and people touched by God's love, here are some other highlights.

church On the Sunday after our Medellín trip, we shared in Liney's church. Liney (our team leader, who is from Cartagena) preached at all 4 services, and the rest of us shared testimonies from Harvest School in Mozambique. From left to right, this is my team: Liney, Andrew, Josh, me, Cora, and James and Meagan who are married.
For one day we joined with a YWAM university ministry and went to a university in the city of Barranquilla, an hour and a half away. We held a meeting where Christian students could bring their non-Christian friends. We shared the gospel and some testimonies. We prayed for the students, and several of them were healed, received Christ as their savior, or were touched by the Holy Spirit. university
cartagena One night in Cartagena we went out to do street ministry. We brought roses to give to prostitutes. We went out in small groups and simply talked to the women and prayed for them. We told them that they are beautiful, that God loves them and that they are worth so much to Jesus that He died for them.
To plant our other stake we went to the highest point in Cartagena, where there is a monastery. We had to go down the hill from the church to find dirt to plant it in, which was prophetic in a few different ways. The Lord looks past the nice surface image into the heart. His kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit. He goes low to those who are dirty, poor, hungry and desperate for Him. stake

It was an amazing outreach and those are just a few of the stories. My favorite part of the outreach was just getting to minister in so many churches, youth groups, and small groups. The Lord used us to build up the Colombian church. We brought testimonies of revival from Mozambique and other parts of the world, and God used our words and prayers to water seeds of revival in Colombia. We did more church ministry than I expected, but I believe that building up the church is just as important as going to the unreached, because the Christians in any place are the ones who are staying and can reach the lost in their own cities. God simply used us to fan the flames of their love for Him and their passion to see His kingdom here on earth!

I am currently in Bogotá, Colombia's capital. I flew here on Thursday and will be here for seven weeks. It already feels different, being here without an outreach team, but the Lord has provided connections! The couple I'm staying with just moved here as missionaries three months ago. I've already been able to join them in homeless ministry, as well as in thought-provoking conversations about following Jesus! The Father really does provide everything I need, including connections with people with the same heart and the same Holy Spirit!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! I am excited to begin this new season in Bogotá. I move into the student housing for the CELTA on Monday, and the course begins on September 8 and lasts four weeks. A key prayer request is that I would have the mental capacity for the intensive course, and still have time and energy to partner with ministries and build relationships!

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What was the church in Cartegena you went to? I am sailing the carribbean, in Cartegena and was looking for a spirit filled church to visit.

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