The Places of 2013 ; February 1, 2014

This "year in review" post is a month late, but here it is anyway! Instead of just talking about the things I did in 2013, I want to recap the incredible places I collected in 2013.

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Siloam Springs, AR ... The lush springtime greenery of Northwest Arkansas. I stayed in Siloam Springs through the spring 2013 semester. I lived in the same apartment with my friends and worked as a substitute teacher at the school district there. So while I developed my teaching skills working with kids from Pre-K through 8th grade, I also had plenty of time to hang out with my friends, attend JBU events (pretending I was still a student), and participate at my church. I also had the privilege of teaching English to a class of Hispanic immigrants through the local literacy council, which was a fun experience.

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Colorado ... I had two weeks at home to finalize everything for going to Mozambique. I spent one cool and foggy day hiking around Helen Hunt Falls and Gold Camp Road with a friend. In September this road was flooded and washed out, and right where I took this picture there is now a big caved-in ditch!

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Pemba, Mozambique ... On May 27 it was off to Mozambique! Okay, so it's pretty impossible to choose one photo that embodies Pemba. But here's one where you can see the dry red dirt and the village houses, right next to the shiny blue Indian Ocean. So much to say about this place... I still think about it nearly every day. (Read back to my posts from Mozambique!) How incredibly blessed I was to live there and get to know the Mozambican people for two months!

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Janakpur, Nepal ... The above picture is the train station in Janakpur where my team went to pray for people and share the Father's love. Walking in the hot, dusty, bustling streets of the town, it felt like walking into a movie set. People in vibrant, colorful, flowing garments, on bike and on foot, or driving cars and rickshaws. Cows, oxen, goats, pigs, chickens wandering on the streets. It was this place where my heart was overwhelmed with joy and amazement at God's goodness as His kingdom broke out with healing power!

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Mountain Village in Nepal ... The quiet agrarian village nestled in the mountains where my team spent three days. Not sure if I ever caught the name of the village. Hot, humid, and mosquito-ridden as it was, it was a pristine and peaceful place. The people were so kind and hospitable, hosting us and letting us show films and pray for people each night. Again, many healings took place. I loved learning from the Christians in the village and seeing their heart of love and compassion for their own people.

Home ... I have to do this part without a picture, because I just don't think to take pictures of home. I got back at the end of August. September was kind of a free month, processing my summer. (Secret adventure: I found lice in my hair that month. Probably picked those up in Nepal. Don't worry, they were immediately exterminated! :D) At the beginning of October I started substitute teaching at the school I went to from 4th-12th grade. I have only been subbing for K-6th grade though. I never expected to go back and work at the school I went to, but it's been a great experience. The teachers and staff of the elementary schools are very friendly, and I love working with the kids.

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Dallas, TX ... I just forget to take pictures of places in the US! But here's a picture of me holding my nephew, Liam! He was born on November 1, so my parents and I went to Dallas for Thanksgiving. We spent the week with my brother and sister-in-law, and we got to meet the newest member of the family, Liam!

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Kansas City, MO ... I guess this marks more of a focus on people than places, because I didn't take any pictures of Kansas City either! On December 28-31, my dad and I went to the Onething Conference, put on by the International House of Prayer. And look at all these Harvest School 18 people I got to hang out with! Yep, I met all of those people in Pemba, Mozambique and we had a reunion in KC. It was a great 4 days, reuniting with friends from JBU too. And... worshiping Jesus with 35,000 other people. A glimpse of the throneroom!

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Home for Christmas ... We postponed Christmas until January 7 when my brother and sister-in-law and nephew could come. There's Liam under the tree! It still felt like Christmas even though it was late. It was the perfect end to a great year.

And now, it is already February. 2014 is the first year of my life that I have nothing pre-scheduled... no school, no trips. I would love to travel more, and eventually I want to go to Latin America long-term, but I'm not sure what's coming this year. Although, I feel like it is a year for me to "collect" people instead of places. Here's to a year of following Jesus and loving people. Low and slow!

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