Nepal Outreach Trip ; September 6, 2013

Harvest School Update #4

I am currently back home, but not long ago I was in Kathmandu, Nepal. I'd like to tell you about the incredible experiences that I had there!

My last couple of weeks in Mozambique were some of the best. Although I had to say goodbye to all of the friends I met there, both Mozambicans and Harvest School students like me, I felt the life and love of God flowing through my interactions in those last few days. I got to remember all that I learned there, soak in the beautiful environment, and spend time with my amazing friends. We had a graduation ceremony, wearing our commencement garb—Iris t-shirts—and when our names were called, instead of walking across a stage, we walked through a fire tunnel and received prayer! (Yes, they gave us official certificates of graduation!) Mozambique made a permanent mark on my heart. There is much more to tell... stories of friendships, adventures, and deep things that the Holy Spirit did in my heart. If you want to hear more, just ask!

On August 8, my team of 10 from the Harvest School flew to Nepal for a two-week extended outreach. Our time there was simply incredible. We spent our time doing ministry with Iris Nepal. We got to stay at their guest house in Kathmandu, which also houses a 24-7 prayer room. A lot happened in my two weeks there, but I'll try to just tell you about the highlights!

Our first day there, we went to the Iris church, called the Banquet House. There we got to meet the 25 children who live in the Iris children's home, as well as many homeless men who have become believers through Iris's ministry and now attend their church. The service was filled with worship, joy, and prayers for one another. Later that day, we returned to the guest house and got to soak in the prayer room for hours and hours. That was the time when we were listening to the Holy Spirit to hear His plans for our outreach. The next morning we had a team meeting with the leaders, shared what we heard from God, and made a plan for our two weeks in Nepal!

Later that day we visited the children's home. On the way, we saw some pretty incredible scenery! Kathmandu is in a beautiful valley with mountains all around!

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Here is a picture of me with some of the beautiful girls at the children's home! The children there are just amazing. They are totally in love with Jesus. You can tell by the way they pray and worship. But you can also tell by the way they treat each other with love, the way they love and respect their house parents and helpers, and even by the way they are dedicated to doing well in school.

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Two days later, we took a 10-hour bus ride out of Kathmandu, out of the mountains, and out to a city called Janakpur, in the hot, flat southern region of Nepal (a 30 minute drive from India!). Janakpur is a center of Hinduism. It is the only place in Nepal with train tracks, and one of the girls on our team got a picture from the Holy Spirit of train tracks, so that is where we went. The first two mornings, we went to the train station to pray for people, and spent two or three hours there each time. Here is a picture of the train station:

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At the train station, we simply started praying for people with physical healing needs. We prayed for anyone with any kind of problem: body aches and pains, poor vision or hearing, knee or joint pain, stomach or digestion issues, diseases, anything. When people started getting healed, it drew a large crowd. We were surrounded by 100 or 150 people at any given time at the train station! People were crowding around us to receive prayer, because people were getting completely healed! With 10 of us on the team, 2 long-term missionaries, and only 5 Nepali Christians interpreting for us, we often had to split up and pray for people with no interpreter! I sometimes had to ask a person to just "point to where it hurts" type thing, then pray, and simply trust that God did something! Luckily, when we did have an interpreter, we could ask and make sure that the person was feeling better. I saw more people completely healed than not healed or only partially healed. It was amazing. Here is a photo of some of my team praying for someone:

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At the train station we handed out hundreds of gospel tracts and dozens of New Testaments in Nepali. One of the Nepali Christians preached to the crowd with the message of salvation. People were listening intently and scrambling to get tracts. They clearly wanted to know this Jesus, this God of love, who uses His power to heal people! One Nepali man just came up to me and started asking me questions about Jesus. He asked me if Jesus is the same as the God of the Old Testament, and other questions that showed he was familiar with the Bible. "Yes," I joyfully told him! "Jesus is the Son of God, the same God of the Old Testament. Jesus is that same God, who became a man and died for all of us, and rose to life again. All of these people are getting healed here today because of His love and power!"

At the end of our two mornings at the train station, as a team we tried to add up how many people were healed. We estimated between 150 and 200 people just at the train station. We also went to some small villages in the evenings those two days, and prayed for and saw many people healed there too.

After two days in Janakpur, our team went up to a village in the mountains, where we stayed for the next three days. One of my favorite experiences was getting to visit the church in that village, an indigenous Nepali church. A young woman led some songs of praise, with just her voice and a tambourine. The people's singing sounded foreign in style, but beautifully familiar in joyful worship of the one true God. There was a Scripture reading in Nepali. Then the church invited one of the missionaries, the leader of Iris Nepal, to share. He spoke on 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, on being ambassadors of Christ who boldly proclaim the Kingdom. After that, we all took communion, my team prayed for the people of the church, and they gave us some of their fresh produce to eat - cucumbers and green guavas. Here is a picture from the church service:

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We had three nights in that mountain village, and we showed the 1979 Jesus film, a shortened version of The Passion of the Christ, and a modern Nepali Christian movie. After each movie, people were again crowding around us to receive prayer! Many healings again took place. One of my favorite moments happened late at night, when we prayed for one of the last people in line. It was an old man with a cane, who had back and knee pain. A large group of us prayed for him for a minute or so. Then the old man threw his cane on the ground and started dancing around! Then he dropped to the ground and did a couple of push-ups, then jumped back up and danced some more. His pain was totally gone!

After our three days in that village, we returned to Kathmandu for three more days of ministry. In those three days, we went to a leper colony and loved and prayed for the people there; we spent an afternoon and evening in a slum, where we fed about 50 kids, and gave food to families; and we spent our last night at the Iris children's home, eating with the children, playing with them, and then worshiping and praying with them. Back at the guest house on our last night, we had a team de-brief, and the Iris Nepal leaders prayed and prophesied over each of us. That was such an amazing blessing — the Holy Spirit encouraged me with many words through them.

Here's one more picture of an area on the outer edge of Kathmandu, taken from the roof of the children's home:

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I flew back home on August 24. My time in Nepal was one of the best experiences of my life. It was extremely challenging and stretching in good ways. Seeing so many people healed increased my faith so much. I'm ruined for anything less than the reality of God's kingdom breaking forth in miracles, and the proclamation of the good news of Jesus to people who have never heard His name. I know God has a plan and course marked out for my life from this point on, and although I do not see it now, I know it will include these things!

I am glad to be home now, and looking forward to the next step in God's plan!

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