Mozambique Update #3 ; July 27, 2013

Harvest School Update #3

It will be hard to summarize almost four weeks in one email, but I'll try! I apologize that it's been so long since my last update. It's been a full, eventful time here in the Harvest School!

Three weeks ago I got to go on village immersion. Three other girls and I went to stay with a local village mama for one night. Our mama's name was Herminia, and we stayed in her mud-wall, tin-roof house. She had one young daughter living with her, and we also met her two older children who lived elsewhere.


Most of our 24 hours there revolved around food and cooking! Herminia cooked her best for us. First, pasta and fish for lunch. Then, dinner was a white cornmeal dough called shima. In the morning, we had a creamy, white porridge. After that, Herminia took us on a walk through the village to the market, where we bought ingredients to make mutapa for lunch. We got to see the whole process of cooking it: crushing peanuts, chopping up mutapa leaves, chopping tomatoes and onions, and cooking it all together in water like a soup. It was delicious!


Our time in the village also included playing with a lot of kids! Seeing four white girls really attracted all the children! It was a great experience to just see what life is like there. It was a "low and slow" experience, to simply learn from a Mozambican mama. Even when we couldn't understand each other (my Portuguese is still a work in progress), we had the chance to learn from her and bless her as well.


Our classes have been amazing in the last month. We've had some great speakers from all over the world. God has been using this time to teach me about leaning on Him, hearing His voice, and hungering after Him alone.

Heidi and Rolland continually emphasize how much we need God. Most of us student missionaries come from a rich Western world upbringing. We don't know what it is to be in need. But here in Mozambique, people are always hungry, and they know they are needy. They know that they need God, and that is why the kingdom is breaking forth here. Every week, teams come back from weekend village outreaches with testimonies of salvations, miracles, and healings. The people here are hungry for God because they know how empty they are without Him.

In this school, we have been learning to hunger for God. So many Western Christians try to fill our emptiness with other things, and try to forget that we're hungry by being filled with temporary pleasures. But what we are really hungry for is God, and only He can satisfy us permanently.

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." (John 6:35) In this country, so many people are hungry for physical food, but they run to Jesus when they hear the gospel. They know they need something more, someone who will never run out but will satisfy hunger permanently. As I am learning and experiencing this myself, my prayer is for the church in America at large to recognize our need for God, and to feed on Jesus, who will always satisfy our hunger.

I have about 2 weeks left in Mozambique. Next week is our last week of classes, and then we have graduation. I leave for my extended outreach to Nepal on August 8. My prayer request for my remaining time in Mozambique is that I would get everything God still has for me, while continuing to love and pour into all the friends I've made here, both fellow students and Mozambicans. It will be hard to leave, I am loving it so much! But I'm looking forward to great things happening on our outreach in Nepal!

Thank you so much for your prayers! I ask God that He would fill you up with the fullness of His love, and satisfy your hunger with all that He is!

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