Mozambique Update #2 ; June 29, 2013

Harvest School Update #2

I've been in Mozambique for a whole month, and it's feeling like home now. I've gotten used to the weekly schedule and I'm enjoying being here very much. God has been speaking to my heart and teaching me many things!

Some of our regular classes have turned into soaking and prayer sessions, where the time is spent simply waiting on the Holy Spirit. These have been very sweet moments when the Lord has spoken great things to my heart. He has confirmed to me that He has called me to missions and to Latin America. He confirmed to me that many of my dreams are truly dreams from God... They're not just my own ideas! He has also been speaking to me about my identity in Him, and how He sees me. The Lord is so good, and I am more and more amazed by His goodness and love every day!

I am learning how to love the Mozambicans here in practical ways. I have been learning Portuguese, and I'm enjoying speaking with people in their language! It is fun to simply stop for children on the road, ask them their name, and hug them. One day I just spent a couple hours with some Mozambican women and children, and I let the kids braid my hair. The Lord is teaching me to love His Mozambican Bride.

Two weeks ago the staff assigned all of us Harvest School students to weekly practical missions. They took our experience and interests into account when assigning these, and I was assigned to teaching English in the Iris school every Friday. I am working with one teacher to teach two 8th grade classes. I've taught each class twice now.

The learning and teaching styles here are different here than what I was trained in, because teaching is largely based on memorization and repetition. I have had to adjust my own teaching style to these students' learning style, while still making sure they can understand and use the new forms in English that they are learning! I have enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to a few more weeks of this new teaching experience.

Next weekend I have village immersion, which is one night spent with a local Mozambican woman in her house in Pemba village. I'm looking forward to that, and I'll tell you how it goes!

Thank you for your prayers! This week, could you pray that I would increasingly depend on Holy Spirit's presence in my life? He has been teaching me to abide in Him and do nothing apart from His presence. Please pray that I would depend and rely on His presence in every moment, so that I can minister to the needs of others more without being concerned about my own!

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