Greetings from Africa! ; May 28, 2013

I never thought I would go to Africa. I've never felt drawn or called to Africa in particular. And yet, here I am... safe in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tomorrow I fly to Pemba, Mozambique.

Some of you may be wondering why in the world I am going to Mozambique! The most simple answer is that I'm following the Holy Spirit.

I've known for a while that I want to do missions long-term someday. That's why I majored in Intercultural Studies. In college, though, I lacked a way to put what I was learning into practice. Even though I studied abroad in Ecuador for one semester, I did not have a chance to minister to a community of people in a deep, holistic way.

Several different influences have led me to know that the Harvest School in Mozambique is where I can turn missions principles into practice. I first heard of it my freshman year at JBU: after watching the documentary The Finger of God, which features Heidi Baker, I looked into her ministry (Iris Ministries) and noticed that they do a missions training school called the Harvest School. Back then I thought, nah, that's too intense for me!

But I kept it in mind, and as I was thinking about what to do after graduation, the idea kept coming back. Then God confirmed it in a variety of ways. My brother heard Heidi Baker speak one time, and felt strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit that I should go to her school (but he didn't tell me that until I was already considering it!)

Once I had already decided to go, I also remembered a random occurrence that I had forgotten about. At IHOP's OneThing conference in December 2011, a friend was introducing me to an older man he knew. This man looked right at me, pointed at me, and said, "You're going to Africa. I see Africa on you." But I literally shook my head and said "No" because I was just about to head to Ecuador in a couple of weeks. I couldn't see myself going to Africa because my mind was so set on what was coming immediately. I couldn't see beyond, into God's future plans for me... But God already saw what He was planning for me, and spoke it through this man.

So, the Lord has led me here, and He has faithfully provided for me to be able to go. Once I get to Pemba, I will have two days to settle in and explore and meet people, and then June 1 is the first day of our school. We will spend that day celebrating Children's Day... Feeding and giving gifts to the many, many children who live in the surrounding village!

Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. This week, please pray that as things get started up, I would adjust smoothly. Pray that I (and all the other Harvest School students) would rely on Holy Spirit for strength, joy, and peace. Pray for divine appointments as I will meet dozens of new people and make new friends.

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