Did You Learn To Love? ; January 9, 2012

This is such a lovely song... the song on my heart right now! I saw them perform it at the Onething conference a week ago in Kansas City. I love Misty Edwards's worship leading and her message of complete devotion to God.

On another note, I'm working on changing my blog layout a little, to make it easier to navigate. That includes adding a sidebar, putting the blog archives in the sidebar, adding a way for you to subscribe to my blog via email, and adding a link to my new music website (that's right...soon you'll be able to buy my music!). Why these changes? Because I'm going to Ecuador! :) And I promised at least 20 people at JBU that I was going to have a blog and update it regularly, to keep everyone in the loop on my adventures in Quito. I was considering making a new blog, but I decided it would be a lot less time-consuming to just use the one I already have, but spruce it up a little. So, it will soon be fully functional! I'm glad I told so many people I would have a blog, because it will keep me accountable for actually writing blog posts regularly... and get me out of this weirdness of only writing a post every 4 months or so! :D

You may have also noticed that I renamed the blog to "chromatic heart"... this is because I also decided to sell my music under the name "chromatic heart," so I wanted continuity between them. :) I will soon add a little snippet to the About page explaining why I chose this name.

Signing off for now... 15 days till I fly to Quito! :D

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Blogger Esther wrote:

YAY! You'd better blog - or I'll pester you a lot ;-) ;-)
Love you and miss you, and praying for you as you prepare to head out!!!

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