Help Me Believe ; July 26, 2010

Last night I was listening to all of my music in iTunes, on shuffle, and I ran across this song that I haven't listened to in a couple of years. It's called Help Me Believe, by Nichole Nordeman. The lyrics kind of hit my heart, because they relate to what God has been teaching me lately. So I thought I would post the lyrics here for you.

Take me back to the time,
When I was maybe eight or nine,
And I believed;
When Jesus walked on waters blue,
and if he helped me I could too,
If I believed.

Before rationale, analysis, and systematic thinking
Robbed me of a sweet simplicity.
When wonders, and when mysteries
Were far less often silly dreams
and childhood fantasies.

Help me believe,
'cause I don't want to miss any miracles.
Maybe I'd see
Much better by closing my eyes.
And I would shed this grown up skin I'm in,
To touch an angel's wing,
And I would be free.
Help me believe.

When mustard seeds made mountains move,
A burning bush that spoke for you
Was good enough.
When manna fell from heavens high
Just because you told the sky to open up.

Am I too wise to recognize that everything uncertain
is certainly a possibility?
When logic fails my reasoning,
And science crushes underneath
The weight of all that is unseen.


When someone else's education
Plays upon my reservations,
I'm the first to cave,
I'm the first to bleed.
If I abandoned all that seeks
To make my faith informed and chic,
Could you, would you,
Show yourself to me?


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Back Into It ; July 21, 2010

Good evening ... so I'm trying to get back into blogging. It would seem that I abandoned my blog as soon as I started college last fall. Sorry it's been so dull in this corner of the internet. For a whole year.

But LOOK! A new layout! Wow! Haha yes... I have been working on this all summer and finally mustered up the courage to make the switch. (or is courage mustard?) And it's a PHP layout - my first. That means that next time I make a new design, I can just change one page - the CSS page - and the whole website will be changed. Aahhh, simplicity! (I'm sure web design experts would roll their eyes at me for my ignorance and my lateness at learning PHP - since all I know is HTML and CSS, and now just what they call "PHP includes." But to everyone else, I probably sound like a web design expert! HAHA! The pretense is plan for global mind-control is working!)

(Wow, I must be hyper or something. Whatever I just said is pretty weird. But hey! This is my blog and I can say what I want to say! :D )

So, the new website is not yet complete - there are one or two missing pages that I still have to make, and some of the spacing looks a little off to me. I also have to write some new descriptions for each page since the old ones are pretty outdated.

But it's COMING SOON! I promise! Woohoo. Oh and guess what? I now have a MUSIC PLAYER!!! So, instead of going to my MySpace musician's profile, you can just listen to my music right here, while you're browsing my website! (At least that's how I hope you'll do it.) Pretty nifty, huh?

Well, that's all for now. Make yourself at home. Look around. I hope you enjoy my website and some of my new content. :)

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