Back Into It ; July 21, 2010

Good evening ... so I'm trying to get back into blogging. It would seem that I abandoned my blog as soon as I started college last fall. Sorry it's been so dull in this corner of the internet. For a whole year.

But LOOK! A new layout! Wow! Haha yes... I have been working on this all summer and finally mustered up the courage to make the switch. (or is courage mustard?) And it's a PHP layout - my first. That means that next time I make a new design, I can just change one page - the CSS page - and the whole website will be changed. Aahhh, simplicity! (I'm sure web design experts would roll their eyes at me for my ignorance and my lateness at learning PHP - since all I know is HTML and CSS, and now just what they call "PHP includes." But to everyone else, I probably sound like a web design expert! HAHA! The pretense is plan for global mind-control is working!)

(Wow, I must be hyper or something. Whatever I just said is pretty weird. But hey! This is my blog and I can say what I want to say! :D )

So, the new website is not yet complete - there are one or two missing pages that I still have to make, and some of the spacing looks a little off to me. I also have to write some new descriptions for each page since the old ones are pretty outdated.

But it's COMING SOON! I promise! Woohoo. Oh and guess what? I now have a MUSIC PLAYER!!! So, instead of going to my MySpace musician's profile, you can just listen to my music right here, while you're browsing my website! (At least that's how I hope you'll do it.) Pretty nifty, huh?

Well, that's all for now. Make yourself at home. Look around. I hope you enjoy my website and some of my new content. :)

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