Frustrating Incidents & Florida ; February 12, 2009

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^ One of my favorite pics from my trip to Florida.

Wow! I haven't updated my website in a long time! The last two months have been crazy and eventful, but extremely exciting and fun. I went to both Arkansas and Florida, on separate trips, within the last three weeks.

Some thoughts. As time goes on, I find that I am getting more and more ready to graduate from high school. Just about four months left now. It's the home stretch and I'm going to work hard, not slack off, but really I am so ready for a more independent and fun life in college. I'm ready for more maturity...some people in high school just don't take responsibility for their own actions. Argh. Some people in my class—the senior class, who are supposed to set a good example for the underclassmen—are going off campus for lunch when they're not allowed to, and lying about it. They claim that they're legally allowed to sign themselves out because they're 18. But they chose to come to this school so they should abide by the rules! It's just so immature and pointless. Also, there was recently an incident about discrimination at my school that made the local news...I am just really frustrated and disappointed with some of the people at my school. I don't even know who they are...but just the fact that these things are happening disappoints me. SO, all that to say... yeah, I'm ready to graduate.

This semester I'm taking an elective Creative Writing class. I've decided that I'm going to have the guts to put most of what I write up here on my website. I've already written some prose, so expect to see that here soon. Yay!

Another pic from Florida:

It says BT's Lounge. Of course, being an uber-nerd at heart, I had to whip out my camera and take a blurry picture of the sign. Just imagine, what if the people there just lounge around listening to BT all know, This Binary Universe, with the DVD playing and projected on a wall...then at night they break out his trance and techno tracks and people start dancing. WOW I am scaring myself with this silly idea. Anyway if you've never heard of BT, look him up and buy This Binary Universe (you have to get the DVD for the full experience)! It's uh-maze-ing

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