Working on the Portfolio ; December 12, 2008

Mood: relaxed
Listening to: Eisley - Room Noises
Reading: Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis (for school)

A few portfolio updates. Finally. :)

Feather Bug on Flower Mountains

The thumbnails above are only a few of several new nature pictures on the Photos page.

Magic Girl Sketch Faerie Sketch

Two new sketches on the Art page. Actually, they are both over a year old, I just haven't put them on my website till now :)

And a few new bits of writing:

Devil's Advocate - my own Screwtape Letter
Autumn Locus - a bit of descriptive prose
Rhythm, Melody, Destruction - a poem

My next goal for portfolio updates is to take photos of my three-dimensional art. Look for those in the next one or two weeks. :)

For anyone who's curious, here's an update on my NaNoWriMo novel. Words written after November 30: 324. I know! Pathetic right? I don't think I'm going to finish the novel before January :(

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Anonymous CJ wrote:

Awesome job on the art and photos, and i liked some of your writing as well. i usually dont stick around much and read the content of sites, but yours was quite nice :)

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