NaNoWriMo All The Time-O! ; November 2, 2008

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It's that time of year again! Lovely November, when the air starts to get chilly, the trees stand bare, and over a hundred thousand people across the world ravenously begin typing their brand-new masterpieces. Yes, I am doing National Novel Writing Month again this year: it's my third year, and hopefully my second victory. Don't ask me why there's a viking hat on my participant icon.

The prospects for this year's novel are looking good. I am basically re-writing my first novel ever, "Auteria," that I started when I was 12. Of course, you can't use previously written material for NaNoWriMo. But I've changed the story, the plot, and the characters so much that it only bears a slight resemblance to the original novel.

My biggest goal this year is to actually finish the novel in the month, and finish it in 50,000 to 53,000 words. Because I am just so bad at finishing the novels I start. Last year I reached over 51,000 words, but the story was only about 4/5 done. And I haven't finished it! Still! So, this year my aim is to actually write "The End" before December 1.

I'm excited. I put a word-count tracker in the sidebar, so you can cheer me on. :)

In the meantime, I accomplished many important things this weekend. I submitted three (3!) online college applications, and one scholarship application. The stress is starting to fade out. I actually had fun writing essays. Since I'm only applying to Christian colleges, I got to talk about my relationship with God and my testimony and stuff. It was kind of fun to do some "soul-searching" and describe the milestone that I'm at in my life, which is beginning the transition from high school to college and my "real-world" life after that. So, wish me luck, as I still have a couple of applications to complete this month!

And don't worry...NaNoWriMo is not my top priority this month. College apps are, then homework and school stuff, then my novel. I'm just taking every moment of free time I can get to write! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous wrote:

Go Sarah, Go! I'm really proud of you for doing this NaNoWriMo for so long... it's amazing what one can do in a month when they set their heart to it! It's a great goal to try and conquer!

I love ya! And write that book... then let me read it! :)


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