Ramblings ; September 30, 2008

Mood: rather nice
Listening to: Llegar a Ti - Jaci Velasquez
Reading: Brisingr (for fun), The Screwtape Letters & Paradise Lost (in school)

¡Hola! Quiero hablar en español, pero probablemente tú no me entenderás. Me gusta mi música en español, y me encanta leer mi Biblia bilingüe. :)

Well, life is busy. Busy busy. Being a senior is fun, but the workload... stress about college applications... scholarship applications... yeah, I'm afraid it will get even more overwhelming in October and November. I'm just trying to keep cool and enjoy Homecoming week with Powderpuff and school spirit and the dance this weekend.

I bought Brisingr (you know, Inheritance Book 3, Christopher know?) the Saturday it came out, over a week ago. Now I've read about 170 pages. I usually read a lot more quickly, but homework and stuff. So far I'm liking it, at least it's better than Eldest so far. I'll see when I'm done... (which at the rate I'm going, could take a month! xP)

Sorry, this post is kind of random and disjointed. But I have a lot of random things to talk about.

Now I am going to add a couple of things to my About page. :) ¡Adios!

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