Summertime Is Here! ; June 12, 2008

Mood: calm and free
Listening to: Tell Me What You Know by Sara Groves
Reading: Dreamrider by Barry Jonsberg

Summertime is here, happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of the year! Yes, Christmas carols are still fun to sing in the summer. :)

Hm. For the first time in months and months, I am able to breathe freely. Final exams are over, no more homework or papers to write, and yes, I have entered the domain of seniorhood. At the top of the high school food chain now. :D

I'm not going to waste a moment of this summer. I want to spend every second doing something important, fun, helpful—something edifying. I have more than enough books to read and stories to write, art to create and ideas to devour. Simply put, I am going to get reacquainted with myself and with God this summer. :)

Some thoughts. In the spirit of up-to-date-ness, I saw Prince Caspian for the second time a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it much more than the first time. :) I also got the soundtrack and have been listening to it voraciously. "The Call" by Regina Spektor is a lovely song that I have grown very attached to, and I also adore "This Is Home" by Switchfoot.

The album by Sara Groves that I'm listening to for the first time right now is surprisingly beautiful. The lyrics are very poetic and insightful. I think I'm also going to grow attached to this album. :)

And as for what I'm currently reading, I actually finished Dreamrider last weekend but it's the only thing I've read lately. It's interesting: I usually don't go for the sort of contemporary Teen Fiction genre (except for Artemis Fowl), but this book sparked my interest because of the concept of lucid dreaming. I didn't really like the author's style, with short sentences and simple wording, but I appreciated how complex and interwoven the story was. It was sort of an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller. I liked it, but it won't necessarily be going on my list of favorites.

That's all for now; I promise to update my blog more often this summer! :)

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Anonymous Limes wrote:

Hi! I stumbled upon your writing website from Jemjabella. I've read some of your pieces and thought they were great - you have a simple writing style and a very positive, cheerful pieces - well, the ones I read anyway... :) I've got my own writing site, and would love it if we could trade URLs. Drop me a note on my webbie if you're interested! Have a good day!

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