Some Thoughts on Narnia ; May 10, 2008

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Well, it has been some time since my last post. Almost a month. It's been a busy month. I had my AP exams last week—Spanish Language and AB Calculus. Phwew, am I glad those are over or what!

Hehe. I find it immensely hard to believe that the Prince Caspian movie comes out this Friday! And I am going to see it on Friday evening. I really am too excited to express! When it comes to the book-to-movie changes, I am worried about some minor things. But guess what? They cut the Caspian/Susan romance out of the movie. Yes! Overall I'm feeling very optimistic about it and I'm quite sure it will be mostly excellent.

Today I read the Prince Caspian book for, oh maybe the 5th time or so. One of its themes that really struck me this time was the theme of faith vs. skepticism/unbelief. I hope that in the movie they capture the essence of Trufflehunter the Badger's character, which is his unwavering loyalty to and adamant belief in Aslan and Aslan's might. Trufflehunter's confidence as opposed to Nikabrik's skepticism. Of course this is one of the Chronicles' many parallels to Christianity.

The Narnia books are definitely theologically rich. There are lines, images, and ideas from the books that are very personal to me regarding my relationship with God. One of these is one of the scenes that, I think, is an iconic image from the Prince Caspian book: the scene where Lucy hears Aslan calling her name in the moonlit night, and she follows his voice...weaves through the dancing, wading trees...and finds Aslan, who is gentle, warm, and powerful, and who lets Lucy rest by him and partake of his strength. I found this drawing that was concept art for the movie, however I don't think the scene will happen very close to the same way in the movie. Nevertheless, this picture really captures the essence and emotion of that scene. (By the way, I found it on

narnia prince caspian concept art

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