Music I Heart ; March 20, 2008

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Greetings friends! It's almost spring break—just one more day of school, then off to a whole week of freedom. :)

Lately I've discovered a whole bunch of exciting new things in the realm of entertainment. Let's start with the music I'm listening to right now! Leeland! They are such a great band, with good messages to get out there. So go and listen to their new album, Opposite Way, and be amazed by the great sound and worshipfulness of their music. I have been listening to this album ever since I bought it last week—can't get enough! They have some really funny videos on their YouTube, so go there and be amused.

On to more new music. Allow me to introduce Son Lux, because you have most definitely never heard of him before. His name is Ryan Lott and his first full album just came out, called At War With Walls & Mazes. The music is electronic with some nice touches of piano, brass and string instruments. It's totally random at times, which just gives it a really unique sound. The lyrics are sparse, repeated phrases or lines, and there are very subtle hints of the Christian faith (he is a Christian, I found, but that was actually hidden deep in his blog xD). I really like the song "War," because it has cool imagery and new ideas. Here are the lyrics (it's the song with the most lyrics on the album):

We were at war with walls and mazes, torn up and tearing inside
You wooed us out to open places, trading our death for your life
You raised the sun (Son?) to warm our faces, astonishing us with light

I realized that this song basically defines his pseudonym/ musical pen name, Son Lux. Think of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and His rising from the dead astonished us with Lux (a sort of Latin word for light). Cool, eh? :)

Now for more new entertainment that was just recently discovered by me: a TV show on Fox, New Amsterdam. It's about a NYC detective with a secret...he's 400 years old, and only finding "the one"—his true love—will make him age again. It's a cool concept, and I like how the character is so nonchalant about his immortality. I also like the flashbacks, which have a lot of history about the United States or just New York.

I have a thing for the idea of immortality in general...not like I want to be (it would be awful, to say the least), but I like stories about it. That's partly why I love the movie The Fountain so much—with the Fountain of Youth/Tree of Life and everything. Heh, you should watch The Fountain too, because you probably haven't. :)

Well, I hope you found this post at least remotely interesting. Aloha!

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