Layout Launch, Leap, and Lost ; March 2, 2008

Mood: accomplished and satisfied
Listening to: The Everglow by Mae
Reading: Walking on Water (almost to the end)

Can you believe it? The new layout is finally here! I have been working on this for so long—I started working on it at the end of January. :) The image header took probably one hour. The coding was the killer. It took probably two days to figure out how to make the footer stick to the bottom of the page, and three more days to make the layout look right with the Blogger codes. After I perfected the coding, I just meandered through rewriting the content. :D So here you have it, the finished product. It should be tidier and easier to navigate than Golden Horizons. I hope you like it! I'm so glad it's over xD

Hm. Now, for the next section of my alliterative title. Friday was a leap day! I'm sad that I forgot to post a blog on that day. For some reason I feel like if I don't create real evidence and proof that I did something on February 29, then it never happened. It's like the lost day.

Speaking of Lost!! The episode on Thursday (Feb 28), called "The Constant," was definitely one of my favorite episodes of Lost EVER. It was about Desmond, who is of course my favorite character. I liked it because it was all wrapped up into one episode—the question that was introduced at the beginning was answered by the end. And it was about time travel—and there's nothing cooler than time travel. Duh. :D So! Watch Lost, because it's the best show ever xD

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