Art At Last! ; March 27, 2008

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Ahhh... spring break has given me plenty of nice, empty time to do things that I have been wanting to do for weeks but school hasn't allowed me to do. One of those things is getting my website portfolio up to date. I have been working on taking pictures of all my old art to put them on here.

So there you have it, five (5) (FIVE!) new pictures in the "Full Compositions" section of the Art page. They are all about two years old. Go on! Go look at the shiny artworks! And tell me what you think!

More updates in the other sections, too. The last two photos in the Sunsets/Clouds section of the Photo page are new. And a new poem, which is really two years old but new to, on the Writing page.

If you are reading this please comment and tell me how you like the new items.

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