Inaudible Fireworks ; January 1, 2008

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Reading: Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle

Well, I stayed up till midnight as usual, anticipating the turn of the new year, but doing nothing very exciting except for flipping through the channels to watch snippets of celebrities and crowds screaming in Times Square. Of course, that all happened two hours previously, and the shows were just being re-played for each time zone. Hmm, that means 2008 hasn't reached the west coast yet. Too bad; it's been a great year so far. I think...

Anyway, sadly I had no party to go to like previous years. I just stayed up with my mom while my dad went to sleep. xD Last year I had my own party, and my three friends who attended surely remember the crazy fun time we had. Hats, noisemakers, sparkling cider, the whole thing.

So, it was a quiet evening, watching people hundreds of miles away smiling, and complete strangers waving at the camera and screaming. 100th anniversary of the Ball Drop, cool, now it's eco-friendly. All the familiar and unfamiliar faces happily anticipating the Ball Drop.

But when midnight struck, I abandoned the TV and my mom and I ran outside. We stood on the front porch in the freezing, crisp air; some of our neighbors were outside too, and noisemakers could be heard in the neighborhood above, as well as somebody playing Auld Lang Syne in the neighborhood below us. The sky was clear, and the stars were unusually clear; I could see the constellation Orion.

And then there were the fireworks! Far away, on the tip of Pikes Peak. Just seen, not heard. There were huge red ones that turned the whole mountain red, because the fresh snow reflected all that fiery light. Those were the best ones, where the firework would briefly illuminate the snowy mountainside, and then it would fade back into the blackness of the night.

Then I thought, they should show videos of this on national TV! Our little city tradition. Pikes Peak is America's mountain, after all! The whole scene inspired a sense of pride in the city that I've lived in my whole life. And it's such a beautiful mountain! And all those neighbors, people I don't know, but residents of the same city and taking part in the same tradition. I just love the sense of unity! Humanity all over the world is celebrating the new beginning that is 2008! I could even imagine the planet shining as fireworks move across the time zones, and out in space the aliens can hear a joyful burst of sound, Earthlings shouting Happy New Year!

And the man in the moon wishes he had hands so he could shield his perpetually open eyes from the blinding light.

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