I did it! ; November 30, 2007

Mood: accomplished
Listening to: Newsboys - Adoration
Reading: Hamlet (for school...)

Yes, the word count is official at 51,011 words. I did it! I slogged through annoyances such as school and homework, and managed to come out with more than was required of me. I actually finished yesterday — one day early! Funny thing is, my novel is not finished. I will have to keep writing to the end. I want to finish it before the end of December...before the end of 2007!

Thank you. Very much.

I'm tired.

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Oh my. ; November 17, 2007

Mood: silly
Listening to: Desperation Band - Everyone Overcome
Reading: Read? Are you kidding me? I don't have time to read in November!

Okay. So right now I feel kind of dumb. Because nobody knows about this blog. Therefore, I am now going to email my friends and people to tell them about this blog. Thank you.

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NaNoWriMo ; November 3, 2007

Mood: caffeinated
Listening to: The Christmas Sessions by MercyMe
Reading: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Well, November has begun, and I am over 5,000 words into my awkward but super exciting novel! Yes, it's National Novel Writing Month, and I am diving into this high-energy endeavor for the second year. Last year I attempted a Christian fantasy novel, but it kind of lost its steam after 12 chapters, and yes, sadly, I gave up at 30,585 words.

Not this year! No, I have actually been taking down ideas and plot points and characters notes since MAY! Over-excited? Over-planned? Over-obsessed? Yes, yes, and yes, but I was ready, and I'm starting my novel with a bang! And I have plans far enough into the plot to last me to 50,000 words, if not more.

I'm just surprised at how long my initial scenes are stretching out. I didn't think about how I actually have to write a /lot/ of stuff before even the introduction of my most worked-on character. Oh well, I will reach him eventually. Hehe.

Wish me luck!

As for my "currently" notes above, yes, I had a cup of coffee at 10:00, and now it's almost midnight, and I still have probably enough energy for 1 or 2 hours of gleeful late-night weekend writing. And yes, Halloween is over, which means that the most wonderful time of the year has officially begun, which allows me to turn on the Christmas tunes without my parents giving me odd looks. And as for The Scarlet Letter, that's required reading for my American Lit class, and I am actually enjoying it. Funny how some of the typically boring old classics are actually good. (Except it interferes with my precious writing moments! Gah!)

Well, hasta la vista. Here's a cute button for NaNoWriMo:

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