A Little Intro ; September 9, 2007

Mood: I wish I wasn't a procrastinator
Listening to: Swim EP by Jeremy Larson
Reading: Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis

Hello! So I got this bloggish thing. I have tried to keep a blog before, but it takes a lot of dedication. Nevertheless, I'm trying again. Hopefully this one will become a success! With the assistance of people who read it. Like the Home Depot slogan — "You can do it, we can help!" You have to be my Home Depot. Thanks. I'm starting to ramble. I do that a lot...

Gah! Must...concentrate...

OKAY! My goal for this blog is to share things that I find genuinely interesting, cool, or funny. I'm an inquisitive person—I appreciate learning and knowledge in general. Yes, I'm one of those nerds who enjoys school! Nerds unite! :P

So, I hope you'll enjoy my little bits of the world, like science, history, entertainment, Christianity, and anything else I can think of. Until then, hasta la vista, baby.

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Blogger Bill wrote:

Hey, don't use up your writing energy this month on the blog! NAno NAno!


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