Chalky White Pills ; July 1, 2007

Well, it's been summer for exactly a month now. Also, today is the first day of the second half of the year.

I've had a pretty nice summer so far, haven't been extremely bored yet, there's enough to do around here.

Except that I got sick a couple weeks ago. It was terrible. I was coughing a /lot/, and I wasn't hungry at all, so I actually lost a couple pounds (hehe...the only good thing that came out of it). For a week I just stayed home, lying around and not feeling like doing anything...staying in my pajamas all day. xD

After that week I finally went to the doctor and discovered that I had bronchitis. He prescribed this pink liquid medicine that tastes like bubblegum. I took that for a week, and it didn't help at all really. So he prescribed a stronger antibiotic...little chalky white pills.

The thing is, I can't swallow pills. I don't know why, I just can't...maybe I'm afraid, or maybe I'm just a wimp. Sometimes I try to—I stick them in my mouth and tell myself, I can do it, just do it, just swallow it, but after several seconds it starts dissolving in the water and it's all bitter and gross tasting so I spit it out. :P

So what I had to do with these pills was eat them with yogurt, chew them up and try to ignore the bitter taste, and cover up the taste with more yogurt.

But they worked. I'm all better now! All alive and healthy and all that great stuff that we usually take for granted. Really. To all who are reading this, be grateful that bronchitis didn't take the fun out of your summer for three weeks!

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Anonymous Coooooooooooooorrie wrote:

I'm sorry about the bronchitis, but happy that you posted a blog! =]

Anonymous Coooooooooooooorrie wrote:

okay Sarah, I know how busy you are and have been- but seriously... the last blog you have was in the summer...

I need more. now. =]

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