Random Fandom ; February 23, 2007

I'm so glad that it's finally the weekend! Even though it was only a four day week with Presidents' Day off, it still felt really long. Every minute of every class really seemed to drag out to two minutes. Funny how the 10-minute fire drill today didn't seem to shorten my 2nd period class at all.

So, I'm really bored right now. Thinking about somehow making a music video. I've seen some music videos by some friends, and they were really great. My friend Heather had a life-sized cardboard cutout photo of her older brother, and that was the blue man in the "I'm Blue da ba dee da ba die" song. Then Corrie and Sara did "Breakfast" by the Newsboys—I was in it, and that was embarrassing but hilarious.

So, I would really like to make a video of a Mute Math song...probably Chaos or Break the Same. Oh, never heard of Mute Math? Well, psh. They're my favorite band...I love their sound. Go to their myspace page and listen to some songs—Chaos is my favorite. Mute Math is pretty much the best.

That was a random geek-out of band fandom. Random fandom. Ha.

I'm starting to sound like a lunatic, and this blog post is going nowhere, so...bye bye. :)

Oh wait. If you have ideas for a music video, please tell me! :D

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