The Last of the Molehicans ; February 11, 2007

So, this is my first blog entry. How exciting. :) I don't have much to say, except what I'm planning for this blog. I don't want it to be a really personal diary-type thing, with a bunch of places and names that people can't relate to. No, I'm planning on having a variety of topics—stuff that might actually be interesting, instead of just dull things about my life.

Of course, many of my entries will be related to Christianity, because that's what's on my mind most of the time. Definitely some music, books, and movies thrown in at times. Maybe even some debatable or controversial subjects. I'll probably ask for your opinion on things, so I'm not the only one spewing out thoughts here.

To start things off, some photos.

This is The Last of the Molehicans. Yes, in my Chemistry class we made moles...if you're dying to know what moles have to do with chemistry, then here's the Wikipedia page. So yeah, I gave mine a headdress and turned it into an Indian. :D

So I'm listening to a new band I recently discovered, called Spur58. They're a Christian rock band. I bought their CD today, and it's really good! My favorite songs are "Sleepwalkers," "Always Been There," "Ready to Love," "Kyle's Lament," "Start Over," and...well, psh, all of the songs are good. xD Be sure to check out Spur58's website and listen to them!

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Anonymous Ellie wrote:

Hi Sarah!!! Molehican?!?! HEEHEEHEEHEE! that took me forever to understand! see ya at Become sunday! toodles!!!

Blogger Sarah wrote:

Haha, glad you enjoyed that xD

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